It’s time for YOU TO DO YOU!


is exactly what you have been searching for.

Done in your own time, at your own pace.


Find out who YOU really are, so that you can make decisions based on what really matters to YOU -

Take the overwhelm and ‘mind chatter’ out of life.

If YOU make decisions based on YOUR core values and beliefs, life becomes soooooo simple and free!

Then you have time to say yes to all the things that fulfil you and give YOU a sense of success, contentment, achievement and happiness.


  • Learn what really matters to you?

  • Know quite simply what to prioritise to make you feel awesome and accomplished each day?

  • Figure out who you truly are and what makes you so freakin’ special?

  • Learn how to be more present in your day to day life, and enjoy it?

  • Declutter your life and your mind?

  • Get rid of all the things in your life that are draining you, with no reward?

  • Set and live realistic visions + goals that you actually achieve?

  • Create more structure and time to your life?

  • Create your own unique road map/plan - not someone else’s?

  • Take charge of your life?!

  • Learn how to overcome the obstacles that always pop up for you?

  • Focus your own mind on what makes you feel happy, successful and satisfied?

  • Set some solutions, so that you can actually take action from all the goodness you discover about yourself?

  • Re-set your personal habits?

  • Own the sh*t out of your life and love every day?

Learn what matters to you, from your deep-rooted beliefs.

Be honest with your authentic self.

Start choosing to do what actually makes you truly, truly happy deep inside.

FOR ONLY NZD$37.oo !!!


NZD $37.00!!


Ready to live your beautiful, authentic life?

Figure out your own values and beliefs?

Form new habits that align with the true you?

Then it’s time for us to sit down and get you rockin’ your best life ever.

Let’s discover what you really want in life and go get it! It’s totally time for you to live with purpose and achieve your life goals. This course will have your new road map for life sorted. YOUR road map, no one else’s.

We sit down and figure out who you really are.

Identify your true purpose and values.

Declutter and find clarity, discuss time management + tools to stay focused.

You will be able to find your confidence by learning strategies to master negative self beliefs, confusion, self sabotage, overwhelm and mind chatter.

Learn to live a meaningful enriched life your way.

Learn to be confident about who you really are.

I want to help you identify your true purpose and values, declutter your mind, space, body and world, and find beautiful clarity. Help you improve your time management and efficiency and create tools to say focused, determined and owning the hell out of your authentic life!


What do YOU need in your life to feel successful and happy?

Declutter your mind and check out from all the noise, responsibility and mind chat being thrown at you.

Re-assess yourself, your thought patterns and utilise your life experiences to grow and be the person you are meant to be.

Once the foundations are set and the clutter is gone, you will have simplicity in what you want out of life, and you will know what you need to get there. YOUR definition of success will become a reality.

How does it work/ FAQ’S

The course is set up as an interactive video. You can stop and start as you please. I explain each module and then there are activities for you to do. It’s super user friendly. When you purchase the course you will be sent a file with all of the activity prompts and questions in it, you can download this, or print it out, whatever is easiest for you.

When you purchase the course, you will be emailed a link and password to a private page. You have 24 hours to SAVE THE PASSWORD then you have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO DO THE COURSE. (you can even just scroll down a bit further on this page and use your password to sign in to the course)

This course is super user friendly and straight forward - one does not need to be tech savvy for this beauty.

All up the video course 1 hour and 5 minutes, you will be able to refer back to it as you please. You may choose to take 3 weeks for it to all sink in, or you might like to dedicate one full day to yourself and participate that way. It’s totally up to you! Most feedback is that people have given themselves around 3 - 4 hours to really nut it all out over a few different evenings or quiet moments on their weekend.

There is a private forum as well, for connection with other like minded souls. Totally up to you if you choose to share or communicate in there or not. I will go live in this community at times as well to discuss any questions people may have and for general ongoing chat :-)

*Money back guarantee is for the first 14 days from purchase - if you are not satisfied I will refund you.

Let’s start the roadmap for your beautiful life, and have YOU DOING YOU, so that you can be free!



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