A FITNESS COACH IN YOUR POCKET...it's as easy as that!


Are you living away from Wanaka?

Travelling a lot for work?

Find it impossible to commit to certain sessions at the gym?

Feel like you need that extra push? someone on your tail constantly?

Need some workout ideas, need someone to push you out for that run, or want some functional mobility options?

I have been training people virtually for years now. It's great, you get to workout when it suits you, and I am ON YOUR TAIL about it!

It's as easy for you as 1,2,3!!

1. We have a chat, find out what your goals are, what movement you actually like to do, what you need to do to achieve your goals and then set up our online connection in the best way that works for you.

2. I set your routine/plan for the week and post it in our private 1:1 forum then you confirm it all looks good, you decided when you are going to tick each part of it off and commit. I HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE.

3. I offer motivation, inspiration, support, knowledge and help throughout. I chase your tail..but not like a drill sergeant, more like a nice drill sergeant. Ha! I just want to help you achieve your goals, while keeping you happy, not broken and most importantly, I want you to train and still have energy for the rest of your world.

4. We tweak things depending on what is going on for you, and your life, and we MAKE IT WORK, FOR YOU! So you can start to form habits and routines, FOR LIFE.

5. This runs for as long or as little as you like. You just pay weekly for the service. I have your back, and I'm here to get you working, but in the right way for you. The options are endless, the fun is limitless, let's go!

Yep, you can fight it as much as you want, but the truth is out there. When you are looking after yourself properly by eating the right food and moving your body correctly your mind and body connection gels and you wont believe the changes that can be made both mentally and physically.

Slow and steady wins the race, and by that I mean if you consistently train at your ability your power, strength and form will start to progress, you will remain injury free and before you know it you will be stronger and fitter than you ever imagined.

By keeping your training consistent you will avoid injury, while forming toned muscle that burns fat 24 hours a day! Yes please!

Training has to be fun and enjoyable, otherwise there is no point. Sure, hard work is required - but that can be half the fun!

No pulverising yourself everyday, because burnout is a long road to recovery.

Strength and movement is vital for our body’s health, both inside and out. With a strong body comes a strong mind. I am passionate about motivating, inspiring and supporting you to find your fire within, and create a space to allow you to chase your individual goals at your individual pace.

Ready to rock?

Just fill this simple form in and I will email you back as soon as possible to have a chat and get you moving in the perfect way for you.

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Or...if you would like to join a squad at The Fit Collective, we'd love to have you!


"Thanks for this morning, you are AWESOME! It is really reassuring how you correct us and encourage us! I got such a rush out of the primal work, Thanks Jess" - Jenn

"After a few years off from gym classes while having children, Jess's Strength and Tone class has been the best option for me. I looked at other boot camps, but found her class more specified to technique and what YOUR body can do, rather than pushing too hard and breaking yourself. Jess has a gentle approach and has a great understanding of what the body is capable of, therefore giving each member different options based on what they need. I love this class as its not speed based or competitive, you do what you are capable of. It's a great workout covering strength & cardio, and mentally. I highly rate this class for anyone who wants to get back into fitness without breaking their body. Quality of quantity sums this session up" - Leigh Cooper

Everyone is unique and progresses differently, with your commitment to turn up, together we will achieve your unique goals.

Why not come and join one of my squads, or connect with another coach at the hub, there are so many awesome trainers here and a welcoming, friendly collective of people tuning up their minds and bodies.


A bazillion options in terms of pricing and memberships, head along to www.thefitcollective.co.nz to find out more, or fire me an email.

I am over the moon to be able to work with clients in and out of the gym for mind and body wellness. I just need to work out how to mix the words Health, Mind, Body, Strength coach into one....Might just have to leave it at 'Jess' for now.