So…recently I kind of threw the towel in on Square One. I was getting a bit exhausted helping everyone else, and not really looking after myself. Don’t get me wrong - I absolutely loved working with all of my clients and watching the change in them made everything worth it. However, at the same time I was battling with juggling the kids over school holidays, christmas, house rentals, other work commitments, general family life, friends, dogs blah blah and then my Dad was diagnosed with stage 3 Throat Cancer.

What a slap in the face that was.

Most people I know have been touched by the biatch that is cancer, some have been lucky and made awesome escapes, some have made narrow ones. Then there have been many who haven’t won the stupid fight, and their memories are with us all every day, as well as the heart ache and longing to see them again.

As I came to terms with what was going on with my Dad, and expected the worst (which was really unlike me, but I was just so used to all the bad news) I decided to put my Health Coaching on hold and focus on healing my Papa. They were the longest, most emotional months of my life!  

Long story short (without undermining his battle) after 7 weeks of radiation every day, chemotherapy and a barrage of doctors, nurses, specialists, dieticians and the mind blowing people he met on the way, he was one of the luckier ones who has managed to come out the other side and received the result of:

And I still had my Dad.





There is no rhyme or reason as to what ‘cures’ those cancer cells. I must say Dad had the most positive attitude I have ever witnessed, causing all of those around him to adopt the same attitude. He also made a heap of life changes for the best that also managed to salvage some relationships.

Also between my Aunty and myself we had him filled to the brim with holistic remedies and potions! I was waiting for customs to turn up on one of our doorsteps suggesting we were doing something illegal. (So backward the system is, when these remedies have healing proof. Anyway, I am sidetracking)  

ANYWAY! Once this nightmare crossed the line, and we had some positive results I decided it was time to go back to work. I was still not in the right frame of mind for my clients, and knew I needed to be the best of myself to help them be their best.

So I decided it was time to work for someone else. No late night invoicing and research, no juggling kids and emails at the exact same time, being able to focus 100% at work, and then 100% on the kids. When I was at home, I would be present, and when I was at work I would be present. (Didn't think about the rest of it, had my blinkers on)

I started working for an amazing New Zealand travel company, who were warm and wonderful and running a really successful business. It was great to be a part of it, and to walk into work and out each night and get paid for all then hours I did!  However, flexibility was missing. Having worked for myself for over 8 years now, I really struggled with this. It wasn’t the fault of anyone that there was no flexibility, it was just the nature of the job. I really battled with this, and as Murphys law would have it, my kids were sick a whole heap of days and I was really sick too (I really had dropped my game!).

One day I was listening to a podcast that confirmed what I was battling with. Their research confirmed that the most important thing for a working mother is flexibility in her role. I spoke to my employers and we all agreed we had tried to make it work, but that organisation wasn’t the right place for flexibility.  So I am finishing up there this week, sadly, I will miss the team, but in the interest of all of us, the right call has been made.  I know there are many of you out there working your asses off, juggling motherhood, family life, illness who don't have the option to switch to the business you created. I take my hat off to you and promise to offer support and life hacks to help you along your journey. Keep it up, You are seriously amazing.

The last week for me has been filled with sleepless nights and a bazillion ideas racing through my mind!  Maybe I got lost, we all do sometimes. "You don't know what you have got till it's gone" rings loud and true in my ears. Maybe I needed my own "Health strategist" to figure this all out.

These bags represent all the ideas running through my head! Each one made to support you and your requirements.

I seriously love each and everyone of our you! Our amazing followers, and clients. It is you that keep us going! It is your successes, your triumphs and your real life that reminds me we are all human and that we all need each other. I love that people don’t feel alone after they spend time with me. That they feel like they’ve made a friend in business and life (and I do too!) And that they don’t need to sign up for something that lasts months, years and beyond. I’m there to help them at the stage they’re at. I’m keen on empowering, not enabling. I’m there to offer my opinion, offer shared wisdom and advice based on things I know work.  Your comments when both Arna and I are out and about are so heart warming and fulfilling, it's just so awesome to be a part of such an amazing community of like minded people who are all trying their hardest, and in all reality, are doing a really good job!

So, with excitement I write this blog entry to let you all know that I am back on board, firing with all cylinders and ready to rock your worlds again. Watch this space, I have some amazing ideas and plans in the pipeline. Square One Health will have your motor oiled the way its supposed to be, and all the confusion simplified, the noise gone and the support you need available.

I am 100% committed to helping you fight your own uphill battles.  Turns out I am made for this job!  As a health coach my clients all require completely different results and support. I promise I am there with your best interest at heart.

Thanks for supporting us throughout the last few months. You are all amazing and I am humbled by the kind words and care that came from many of you. Onwards and Upwards team!  We’ve got this, let’s go live our lives the best way we can!

Written by Jess Eastwood