Module 9:

Desires and Self-expression

Only one week left yahoo, you are almost fully equipped to take anything life throws at you and know so much about yourself that you can jump straight back on that wagon if you fall of. Be proud.

Whats new a good? What progress have you made over the week, write it down, shout it out, be excited!  

What can you acknowledge in yourself so far in the program. Have you noticed anyone in the forum and something you would like to acknowledge about them?

Share how you found the blood type diet. Did you at least find out your blood type? You have all the information now, so you can always trial that diet later on if you wish.



How are things going in terms of spirituality? Have you decided what your spirituality is/where you find yourself connected to something or someone 'bigger' than yourself?

Are you slowing down a little, observing what is happening around you?

Have you experienced any synchronicity lately? and have you dabbled in meditation/ are you being more mindful?

If you are struggling a bit with this whole 'slow down' process then fear not! Here is a list of LIFESTYLE SUGGESTIONS which break everything down into smaller segments and offer you your own ways to slow down in these areas.   



Fill out the Lifestyle Suggestions form and share your top 3 with the forum group.

You are given some goal ideas, feel more than welcome to change these if you desire, then you break it down into 3 action steps and then write your progress down. If you need a hand with any of the ideas please discuss in the forum, remember there is no silly question, or silly idea.  This is more about you taking control of your situation and setting the action steps that will work for you, in your own lifestyle. It would be great to print this out and keep track of your progress.

Eventually, believe it or not, these will all turn into habits and you won't even remember a time when you didn't follow through with them. Small steps = change for life. If we throw ourselves in too deep, we never find a happy place on the surface.



What do you do to relax? What do you do to feel connected to others?  To feel connected to nature? To feel connected to yourself?

Draw a large circle on the a piece of paper and write down activities you truly enjoy inside the "bubble"/circle. Think long and hard here, don't write down what you think you should, or what other people would want to.

Close your eyes and really think about what brings you joy. Write them down, as many or as little as you find. them weekly! Find time, make time, you only live once and this is the good stuff, the stuff that you live for! It's your life live it!!

Elimination diet

How are things looking on the food front? So far we have covered sugar, fats, grains, dairy, vegetables and fruit.

You have been testing your body and your responses to certain foods and may be discovering that certain foods work for you and certain foods don't. The body is trying so hard to tell us how it feels about different foods, so make sure you are listening to it, and if you aren't then please start!

Some of you may wish to take part in the Elimination Diet. This is not an easy feat, but I know you can do it if you are wanting to find out what foods work for you and what foods don't.


Argh, what now? Another diet? NO, NO, NO do not fear, it is okay, and I only want you to participate in this one if you feel you are a) ready to and b) feel that there is something still not right with your digestion or you still have an underlying issue.

It is mind-blowing how many of my clients think things are looking up, or alternatively, don't think much is changing - then we bring in the Elimination diet and they can see for themselves how much a certain food does not react well with them.

So... what is the Elimination Diet? I will explain this in the video below.

When you are ready, you need to eliminate the following foods from your diet:
1. Dairy & soy
2. Wheat & gluten
3. Citrus
4. Eggs
5. Sugar
6. Caffeine
7. Peanuts
8. Corn
9. Seafood
10. Nightshade vegetables: potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, chili pepers
11. Alcohol

You do this for 7 days, then on day 8 you re-introduce one food item for 2 days and see the reactions your body has (or hopefully doesn't have) to each food. There is a day between each food re-introduction, so day 10 would be the next food, day 12 the next and so on and so on.

WOWZA - that should leave you starving right? Its okay - you have the 'nouse' to get around this. We just need to make up some meal plans, and you need to make sure you have loads of REAL FOOD in your fridge. 

Oats, berries, vegetables (non nightshades), fruits (non citrus), meat, meat, meat (grass fed of course)  quinoa, brown rice or wild/black rice,lentils, red kidney beans, chickpeas,  salads, vege stir fry's, roast veges, seeds, go crazy on the seeds and don't forget that dates are your go-to for sweet treats.

You're probably going to feel you are consuming heaps more food on this diet - as you will reach for more but thats okay - we are trying to find out if there are any allergies here.  So don't loose sight of that, and also, its all real food, so you are allowed as much as you need!

This link will help explain more, Stephan Rechtschaffen spoke a lot through out my studies and he has awesome approaches, I think this is a good read for you as well

It is super important that you track what is going on. As you are doing it write down how you are feeling, and then especially when re-introducing foods. You need this information to be able to fall back on.

Questions, questions, questions? fire away on emails or in forum.

Here is a file on different food ideas for your Elimination diet as well. Now you are armed and equipped with FOOD IDEAS FOR ELIMINATION DIET you can go forth and conquer this puppy! Lets find out whats eating you!


Be bad!

I think you will like this one...A common myth of proper health is the obligation to always be "good". Being "good" can mean different things for different people but it usually translates to following the rules, being  "good" person/parent/friend by putting everyone before you, conforming to societal norms and behaviours, and doing everything perfectly.  This impulse to be "good" can get in the way of focusing on wants and needs, and can lead to a lack of fulfilment. 

Now, many of you are especially prone to putting others first or obsessing over perfection, and this is why you have found yourself where you are. Remember, this is your time to shine, your time to put you first! How can you help anyone else if you can't help yourself?

I had a client who was working on the fact that she believed being good was her highest priority. So I coached her to be bad! (well, a little bad..) BUT WHY? well I think people are not perfect and we shouldn't pretend to be. In a way it's in authentic to live life pretending to be so perfect.  That is the real lack of integrity.

So, we decided that she would try doing one "bad" thing every day.  Being bad is defined as something she feels that she shouldn't do (and I was not coaching her to rob a bank or anything!) 

She started slowly - at first she pushed all of the buttons on the lift before hoping out on the bottom floor - knowing there were busy people waiting below who would be mad!  The next week she made an innocent prank call...

The next day, instead of cleaning her house she went skiing with her best friend and had a ball! You don't need to be breaking the law! You just need to be having a bit of fun, letting your hair down, letting go!


The purpose behind this exercise was to put her back in charge of her life instead of her belief system, about being good and full of integrity and being in charge of her life.  Life is not just about pleasing other people! It's about pleasing yourself as well.



So, my question to you is - do you have the disease to please? What does being bad mean to you?

Is it sleeping in once in a blue moon? Ignoring phone calls, skipping the gym or eating a little chocolate? How can you implement a little of "being bad" into your life?

I can't wait to hear about this in the forum! Please share what you have done, or what you are thinking about ;-)

Manifesting your ideals

As we have previously discussed we need to think about our goals and desires in order to obtain them, if we don't have anything to aim for then how do we know when we have made it?! 

The goal of goal setting is to gain personal growth and development, to take responsibility and to help find focus and clarity.

Health is not a goal as such, but it is a launch pad propelling you into a wonderful world of longevity. Goals provide tools for us to be able to clear the obstacles we find along our way. Sometimes it can be difficult to see that Health is a goal, but by now I am sure you are more than aware of how important it is, because if you don't have your health then you miss out on so much!

There are two steps to defining and planning for your ideal life - One of these is to define your purpose (a cradle to the grave process) it doesn't have to be a huge heroic fact or anything like that, and it can often change e.g my purpose at the moment is to raise my small children to be the best they can be, and to help my clients back to health and wellness. The second step is to choose the activities you will partake in to plan your ideal life.

So to break (what may seem confusing) that down:

A Goal = The end result, the big picture

An activity = The nuts and bolts, how you accomplish a goal

We all get confused when we start to think of the activity as the goal!

In order to define goals that align with your vision and purpose you need congruity, whereby things fit together in a way that makes sense.  You also need to divide you life into major categories and to see imbalances e.g end result and big picture. Remember to make sure you are thinking of your goals (not anyone elses) and of course remember you are not married dot your goals, it is fine to evaluate, recalibrate and let go when appropriate.



I would like you to complete this file on MANIFESTING YOUR IDEALS. You don't have to share this with anyone, of course if you wish to it will always inspire others, but I appreciate how personal this can be.

Once completed establish some steps towards completing these goals and congratulate yourself because now you have an even bigger picture in mind!

Remember back at the start we set some goals for 10 weeks time?!

Well, how are they going? See how important it is to always have a focus. It motivates us to push through.

What have you learned form that exercise? Any awesome desires out there? Anyone stuck on actions they can use toward completing their goals?

Quick re-cap

This week I recommend you make one small action step around your goals and desires and put it in your calendar so you don't forget. Then next week do the same. Make it a regular weekly task. 

Do one bad thing this week

Do one extreme self care item this week and tell us about it.

Prepare for the elimination diet and figure out a time when would be best for you to do it. Remember, it will happen when it is meant to. I look forward to hearing the different reactions to different foods. My last client had no reactions, but suffered from a really bad PMS and period situation as she was doing it, and had twitchy legs. We realised how influential the nuts were in her diet - they were filling her with magnesium which was supporting her nervous system and muscle tension.

Love Jess x