Module 6:

Intuition and Digestion

How is everything going this week? Are you feeling more in control of life? More on track? Jot things down right now, the good, the bad, the ugly. Make sure you celebrate your successes. Think about how far you have come from the first day you started this program to a better you.  Have a minute to ponder over the not so good. What would you have done to change things? Anything? or are you finding your a lot more in balance at the moment? If you have fallen off the wagon - DONT WORRY! We will get you right back on track.  Remember, there is no official wagon to even fall off - this is all about setting up new disciplines and life changes for the best, that will automatically fall back into place, as Nourished for Life settles into your soul.

This week we will discuss Intuition and digestion.  


Intuition is located in the middle of your body. It is not something you can touch, break, heal or fix.


Have you ever had a moment where you felt as though something wasn't right? Perhaps stepping into a parking lot late at night, or feeling negative around someone without knowing why? And if you have experienced this have you just shrugged it off, dismissing it al illogical nonsense? 

As a culture, we have learned to believe that rationality is what should prevail when making decisions about anything from crucial business mergers to what to eat for lunch. But what about that "inner voice" that gut feeling, the little something instinctual from within that tells us how we feel beneath those layers of logic?

• Instinct is our innate inclination toward a particular behaviour (as opposed to a learned response)

• A gut feeling - or a hunch - is a sensation that appears quickly in consciousness without us being fully aware of the underlying reasons for its occurence.

• Intuition is a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and non conscious parts of our mind also between instinct and reason.      - Francis P Cholle


Digestion is the breakdown of food into smaller components that can be more easily absorbed and assimilated by the body. Right from the second it hits your mouth, you need to chew to start to break the food down, that's why we have teeth. Then the body needs to work at its best to break everything down, hence the reason why it is so important to have your body working optimally for you - and if there is a certain food that your body doesn't agree with then it needs to be eliminated. Alternatively if there is a certain situation that is not helping your state of mind then you will find that digestion starts to become compromised. 

We are all different, we are made up differently genetically, constitutionally, emotionally, physically and the list goes on. Therefore - it is really important to remember that digestion is completely different for everyone. What is one persons medicine may be another persons poison when it comes to food.

Know we all know that digestion is highly linked to our emotions.  Yep - Stress can be a huge player in digestion. Weird huh? but true!  Or simply think of  a time when you have suddenly become scared and then you find you are instantly nauseas. I know I have that feeling if we are in a really busy place and I lose sight of my children. It's a horrible feeling.  

Think about times when you have had dioreah before a big exam or job interview. A dry mouth before your big performance? It's not a reflection of your hydration status (you most probably just drank a whole heap of water anyway) that is your body's immediate response to emotional stimulus.


Bio-individuality, have you ever even heard of this word? Basically, the crux of it is that everyone is different (I'M PRETTY SURE YOU HAVE THE GIST OF THAT BY NOW;-)  Again; one persons food can easily be another persons poison. Men, women, old, young, your occupation, your situation, what you eat, how you feel, everything about you is different to the person standing next to you. That's why it's really important to analyse your own situation to work out your own digestion problems.

The whole point of eating is to fuel our bodies. There is no one right way and no one wrong way.  Someone might do really well on protein powder, where the next person finds they suffer stomach cramps and acne on the same protein powder. It's also Important however, to remember that it is constantly changing each day and due to seasons, hormones and lifestyle what was working for you a week ago may change and not work for you this week.

Here falls into play INTUITION. Learning to listen to yourself and your gut instinct will help to heal your physical gut problems.

If you think that dairy is not working for you, then eliminate it and see what happens. You will be right most of the time. It's just having the confidence to listen to your inner voice. No one knows yourself better than you, so go on, give it a try - if you think somethings not working for you then get rid of it. Also, on the flip side if you think something will work for you then give it a good shot.



Write down answers to the following: 

1 Are you able to connect with your instincts on a daily basis?

2 If so how does this show up in your life?

3 When was there a time that you wish you had have spoken up or done something differently, because your instincts were telling you otherwise?

4 What are you going to do next time your gut tells you do it one way but your ingrained behaviour tells you to do it another?

5 Are there any foods that you think your body doesn't agree with? if so, how are you going to eliminate them

6 What could you do to aid your digestion? (in terms of stress and other influential factors)

Share in the forum how you connect to your instincts.  I look forward to hearing about this.  I would also like you to think more about 'fitting out' again rather than 'fitting in'. Now that you have your gut instincts to listen to and the courage to act upon them you will be able to spend more time being yourself and not trying to 'fit in'.

You will become aware of different concepts and trials. You will learn that your values are different to others and that its okay! You will no longer feel like you are living on the periphery of your friends and family. No more pretending. Finally you can give this up, as it will only get worse in time.  Once you are on the track of personal growth and development (which you are!) you need to hone back into your self trust (which we previously talked about)

Use the energy you were using to 'fit in' to 'fit out'.  I want you to say out loud right now  " This is me. This is who I am, I believe in....." 

I promise you won't get locked up by your friends and family. You will most likely be more respected for having your own views and opinions, and now ways to back them up! Be authentic, and help others see that the world is safe. Whatever your mission is, whatever is in your hearts soul, that is what needs to be done. Make sure you get it done in this lifetime. It can be risky, but think...what are the risks in leading this life that isn't yours on the other hand?

Life the life you want to live. Listen to your inner voice and trust the process.

A good example for me is my skin at the moment.  You will also notice it in the video! We have had people staying with us and therefore have had a lot more dairy in the household than usual. I just adore organic cows milk and so I bought it as the milk for everyone. I DO NOT BODE WELL WITH DAIRY. It gives me a sore stomach and acne. Oh, but it just tastes so good!! All week my instincts were saying "stop drinking the milk" but I didn't want to a)be a hassle as my friend kept kindly buying us coffees in the morning and to ask him to get me a "rice milk decaf" was just a little difficult as he was being so kind and b)I just wanted to see if maybe this time it would make no difference.

How wrong was I? I have suffered a not so nice period this month, my skin has broken out, I caught a nasty sore throat and didn't shake it half as quickly as I normally would. All because I wanted to 'fit in' and drink the normal milk!

Lesson learned.

Can you see where I am going with this? I NEED to listen to my own gut instincts as well!

Slowing down

Right - in order to calm some of the stressors in your life and aid with digestion problems we need to discuss the TOP 10 TIPS TO SLOW DOWN Please read through them.



Choose 3 main tips from TOP 10 TIPS TO SLOW DOWN that you are going to focus on this week, and 3 for next week as well!  What are the small steps you need to take to have more relaxation in your life?  You know by now that relaxation is not a bad thing! If you have time to relax it means you are well ahead of anyone else. You are in control of your life!  It used to be seen to be 'cool' if you were so busy that you couldn't come up for air. Now it's 'cool' if you are able to appreciate life and enjoy whatever makes you tick, and relax.

It's no longer cool to be so busy you can't breathe! Relaxation, repair and rest is where its at people, this video starts to explain why!



A very vast majority of us LOVE our coffee in the morning, or can't even put our feet on the floor without knowing their is a hot cup of tea with our name on it. It's the best reason to nip out of the office in the morning to do the coffee run and it's the pick me up we crave in the afternoon to help us through the day. Yes, coffee, tea, even cacao taste amazing and soothe us in many more ways than just one BUT the stress that caffeine can put on your system could be exactly what is holding you back from achieving your goals.


So; how do you feel about caffeine now? 

Truth be told - I ADORE my cup of coffee each day. I just have a single shot, and that is me for the day. I have found my happy place ;-) It's all about trial and error right?

Have a look at this information on ADRENAL FATIGUE. Isn't it scary to know that the stress we put on ourselves, let alone what others are putting on us is enough to send us into adrenal fatigue - if it goes on and on. The worst is that Adrenal Fatigue will not actually be diagnosed by your doctor. They can suggest it, but at this point they do not give you a diagnosis of actual Adrenal Fatigue. Which makes it even more vital for you to be on your game about it and know when it is time to stop.

Have a read of this heartfelt blog post I wrote a while ago, I am sure a lot of it will mirror into some of your own lives. Please remember, rest and repair is the way forward. Looking after YOURSELF is key. You will achieve so much more if you have given yourself active recovery in all areas of life.

Just taking a 5 minute walk away from your desk out in the fresh air is huge. You may be so overwhelmed with work at your desk that you just can't stop. Do you want to know a secret? You CAN stop. 5 minutes isn't going to change a lot in regards to completion of tasks - yet 5 minutes in the fresh air, gaining a new perspective and releasing some tension is going to have you back at your desk with fresh thoughts and some re-charged batteries, you will make up the 5 minutes you took off in no time. Sitting at your desk going stale is helping no-one...and if your boss has a problem - please give them my email address! I would love to chat.



I would like you to focus on adding more water into your day again. A glass of water before any cup of caffeine. I want you to start reading the labels on the back of your food, see if there is any extra caffeine in what you are eating, or drinking. If you are going to ingest it, you need to know what is in it. You check the skin of your apples, you check the outside of your banana, you even pick out the bad bits in your grains...then I expect you will be reading your food labels to - you NEED to know what is going into your system. You are the boss of it.


So - I'm taking away your energy right? I'm taking away the caffeine that boosts you up?! 

Fear not - here are some awesome tips for INCREASING YOUR ENERGY

Any questions? Fire them through to me or bring them up in the forum. If you are wondering about it, then I can bet you at least 5 other people are wondering too.


A quick re-cap

We have discussed a lot about our gut feelings, intuition and digestion.  Basically this week I want you listening again to your inner voice, if you have a hunch about something, then air it and work on it. Don't just sit there letting it fester. Lets start trusting ourselves more. Your worth it right? YES, say it out loud. I am worth it.

You have your questions to answer and a little more concentration is going to go into what is actually going into your mouth - reading the labels, thinking about what it contains. You now know how to analyse how certain foods are making you feel, and now you are equipped to think "hmmmm, maybe that isn't working for me. I think I will try something else"

Keep writing it all down in your food and mood diary and that way you can always go back to it in the future.

Best of luck this week. Pulling coffee from people can make them really mad at me - until they realise how much better the feel for it! I don't want you to feel like you are eliminating anything though - just try adding in more of the good stuff, and you will see that the 'bad stuff' falls away.

Much love x