Program completion

Wow! you did it! You made it all the way to MODULE 10!


How much have you learned about yourself, food, diet, career, health and wellbeing in this time!!

How did everyone get on 'being bad' please do share your stories!

I hope you feel like you have a big tool belt that you can dig into now. You are fully equipped with all in the information and knowledge you need to help you make the right decisions going forward. You now know what each different food group actually is, and within it, what foods are best for long term health.

As you have learned, there is no quick fix. There is no diet, no general plan, no one size fits all!

This journey was about you learning more about yourself and how you cope with certain foods and lifestyle situations. It is about tailoring everything to your needs so that you can feel more in control - not only of yourself but of you're entire life.

You can now spread the word in a subtle way. You will find that people will become intrigued with your glowing skin, happy smile, ease of life and easy going nature. They will want to know more about what you are eating and what you are doing. Share the knowledge you now have with them! You have learned it all, right from Square One. You know the basics and we have built small building blocks on them.

Yes, life is going to be forever changing and situations are always going to change, but know you are equipped to deal with these situations and know how to make your health better.

I want you to think about all the issues that have been addressed and shifted during the last 10 modules/weeks. From digestive issues, to skin, to home and life situations, to work problems and of course relationships.   Are you doing more for yourself now. Are you feeling more in control?



Take a look back to the beginning of your food and mood diary. Write down the 3 main things that have changed in regard to your diet. What has dropped out of your diet without you necessarily even trying to eliminate it? Can you now see why this has dropped out? Is it through proper nourishment? Is it because you are now eating more protein or drinking more water? Is it due to a yin and yang balance.

It's amazing to see what changes occur, without us even planning it!

And isn't it so much easier this way. I thought this client nailed it with her comment "You just snuck up underneath my life and somehow it all changed for the better and I still don't know how it happened but I have all this knowledge and such a better understanding of myself now, that I know just what to do and it feels awesome"


As we draw to a close I want you to remember that HAPPINESS is of the utmost importance in your life.  Thank you to Happify ( for their studies and knowledge on this!

People who consider themselves happy have:

• A lower heart rate

• Lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol

• Lower concentrations of a plasma associate with heart disease    

• Companies pay 41% less in health care costs for staff who are happy (so yes, those staff fun times are much needed!)

Researchers have also found that certain personality traits help people avoid or successfully manage illnesses such as diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and depression. These traits include:

• Emotional vitality (enthusiasm and engagement

• Optimism (a belief that good things will happen)

• Having a supportive network of family and friends

• Being good at self regulation


According to an analysis of 30 studies happy people are less likely to get sick.  When exposed to the viruses that cause colds and flue, people with a more positive outlook not only get sick less often, but recover faster!

In a study of stressed-out law students, optimistic people had more immune-boosting blood cells than their pessimistic peers.


Remember that meaning matters

People who are happy because they feel their lives have meaning and purpose e.g they helped out a friend in need, will experience healthy changes at the cellular level. On the other hand those whose happiness comes from self-gratification or pleasure seeking e.g their team won the rugby game, do not experience these changes.

Believe it or not, those who consider themselves "happy" but lack meaning in their lives have the same gene expression pattern as those who are chronically distressed!

Those people who regularly experience feelings of 'awe' have lower levels of the pro-inflammatory cytokines that are makers for many diseases. So get your behind to the museum or a grand natural view more often! 

What I am trying to get to here, is that regardless of all of the other work we have been over. If you are not truly happy inside then you are not gaining the most out of life. Of course everything else matters and I think many of you may find that you have found happiness now that you have analysed your lives and made changes. This just confirms even more so, just how important it is to do what is right for you to be happy!

I'd just like to run over some of what we have discussed early to help you see how positive self talk and self trust can make a huge difference



According to Carol S. Dweck, a psychology professor at Stanford university.  There are two types of mindset "fixed" and growth". If you have a "fixed" mindset, you believe your qualities or talents CANNOT be changed.

However if you have a "growth" mindset, you believe that you CAN always develop more, whether that is to run a 5K, lose weight or start meditating. Your mindset is open to development. 

When learning a new task or behaviour, using positive self-talk will help you change your mindset to become a more 'growth' mindset. Being kind to yourself will work so much more effectively than scolding yourself!

An example here could be "you woke up 2 days early this week to exercise, great job, lets keep going" as opposed to "you slept in 3 days you should have gone to the gym, you're so lazy! You'll never get in shape"

Can you see the difference here? Now I would like you again to head down to the mirror and have a chat with yourself. Think of some horrible self talk you have done lately (we all do it) and right it with yourself. Fix the nasty things you said to yourself and praise yourself for 3 things you have done well this week.

Relationships and Age

Did you know that people who feel more positively about getting older live 7.5 years longer than those who feel negatively about growing older! Happiness adds several years to a persons life. The effect on longevity was the same as comparing a smoker to a non-smoker! 

Its also very important to never loose touch with others. This falls hugely into mental health and I do hope you will all adhere to this and remember to KEEP IN TOUCH with your friends and family, for both of your sakes!

Seniors who have contact with other people, even peripherally, keep their bodies and their minds in better shape.

• Younger heart attack survivors who have little social support experience worse health outcomes.

• Older adults who lose their spouse enjoy better health when they have a friend, not a family member who they can confide in.

• Having regular contact with 10 or more friends significantly increases your happiness and lengthens your life.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the book - Irish proverb

I am 100% sure that you all agree with what has been said here and have no doubt that happiness is important. SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!



Stand still. Place your hands on your stomach. LAUGH OUT LOUD. Time yourself for one minute, keep going until the minute is up. 

See how much better you feel after that.  This is really fun to do with other people and a great place to start if you are feeling a bit self conscious is to start with your children or partner.  Just laugh.


Right team. That's me! Over and out!

Thank you for being a part of Nourished for Life. Long may your world of nourishment continue.


Never , ever, ever give-up. You are worth every second of life, you are worth the time and the investment. It's your life, enjoy it. Go forth and conquer. You only get one chance. Enjoy!

Much love, laughter, happiness and wonderfulness to you all.

Don't be a stranger!

Love Jess x