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Intro Home

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I have been told i make people feel safe.

It’s nothing I learned, it’s something I just have.

I see This as my super power.

it allows you to be vulnerable with me, but still safe.

from vulnerability; your bravery grows,

your creativity is awakened,

you feel inspired,

you feel empowered,

you feel encouraged.

your road map is complete, you can shape and create your ideal lifestyle.

live with complete freedom and success in your body, mind and soul.

My purpose is to guide, teach and advise you.

I guide you to navigate all those pressures coming at you,

empower you to do what you really want to,

and Encourage you to be your true self.

you are not on this earth just to survive!

you are here to shape and create your own life.

Let’s talk and see if we make a good team

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“Jess brings a calm, personable, and positive approach to her coaching. She is real, honest and is great at cutting through to the stuff that really matters. A breath of fresh air for the times I forget my oxygen mask and get myself into a spin. Highly recommend” - Penny Tapper

“The first time I dealt with Jess professionally was when I joined her Nourished for Life program a few years back. Until this day, I say that online program was life changing. Jess taught us how to make better choices in many aspects of life including food and exercise, but she also challenged us to figure out what made our souls sing. 
Jess now trains me at the gym and her constant positivity makes me keep at it and I’m truly grateful for everything she has taught me. She really is the best!” - Kristin Renda

“Jess is the best! She acknowledges and embraces the barriers - from the niggly little stressors, to the big consuming ones. And she's the first one to celebrate any win - whether it's good day of parenting, taking a step towards a goal, or an achievement on the gym floor. She's real and honest, and such a positive support for anyone who is lucky enough to have her in their life!” - Alice Lovelock

Spend time with me, and learn:

  • Strategies to live a rich meaningful life with all the emotions as well.

  • Generate more energy.

  • Be more present.

  • Be more self confident.

  • Be more efficient in business and overall life.

  • Ignite your motivation.

  • Discover self kindness.

  • Access deep passion + power you have hiding within.

  • Unlock your driving force.

  • Discover your core values.


No dream is too big, it’s just paving the path to get there that is the hardest part.

Create your vision

surround yourself with support

be disciplined

achieve success.

I’m Jess, a Qualified and Experienced Holistic Health, Life, Mindset Coach and Personal Trainer.

The fire to connect on a deeper level, support and guide you to find your driver (your ‘why’) burns deep within me.

I am passionate and humbled to support you through your journey, and love to watch YOU finally living the life you want to live.

“I love Jess's holistic approach to training the body - she incorporates mental wellbeing, lifestyle and present moment mind set into each and every session. I wasn't expected that when I started personal training but it makes such a difference: I really feel like she is 'on my team' and cares my wellbeing as a person, not just that I meet my fitness targets. I am impressed how Jess and the team at Fit Collective are willing to engage with other health care professionals to ensure that their programmes are complementary to other treatments. Plus Jess is so much fun - I never leave the session without having had a laugh, and that's got to be good for me too!” - Jessica Eyers




Awaiting your plans, goals, hopes, dreams, designs, lists, ideas, stories, craziness. Perfect gifts for all ages . 

Declutter YOUR minds as you fill theirs. Only $16.95


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What is a You do YOU workshop about?

We sit down and figure out who you really are.

Identify your true purpose and values.

Declutter and find clarity, discuss time management + tools to stay focused.

You will be able to find your confidence by learning strategies to master negative self beliefs, confusion, self sabotage, overwhelm and mind chatter.

Learn to live a meaningful enriched life your way.

This 3 hour workshop is to help you learn to be confident about who you really are.

FIND OUT MORE about the next workshop date and time by clicking here or let’s chat about arranging your own session or private workshop.

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MiNDCHAT is primarily a business built on holistic nutrition, health, wellbeing, lifestyle and fitness coaching with advice offered by trained health professionals.

If you, or anyone you know needs further support, assistance or counselling please visit Lifeline it really does help to talk. Alternatively call your local GP or community support services.


Want to be a Health Coach yourself?

If you are interested in being a Health Coach yourself then please

contact me to discuss the course options with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I love to answer your questions, and can help connect you with the next step towards becoming a Health Coach!