Imagine if you could find your purpose in life, what really makes you tick...your 'why'.

Your contribution to the world and the impact you make on others. 

Well...together...we can!

Fulfilment is not a lottery. It is not a feeling reserved for a lucky few who get to say 'I love what I do'. - Simon Sinek

Everyone has a 'why'. If you knew what it was you would be able to make lifestyle changes that actually fulfil you. You would be able to move forward in life knowing that you are doing what you were put here to do. You would back yourself 100% more as you now know why you are doing what you are doing, and how it is helping others. The impact you are making on others lives is such a driving force to keep going, especially when you are doing it in a capacity that fulfils you as well!

"I feel like a new person. I get it now. I am worth a whole lot more than I ever gave myself credit for. I don't need a special title for the recognition either, I feel fulfilled. I no longer need to prove myself to myself or anyone else! Thank you so much Jess" 

"The thing with Jess is that she kind of sneaks in under your radar.  I have no idea how she does it but all of a sudden she has changed your life for the better.  Little by little (and clearly in exactly the right order!) Jess gives you the skills and introduces the thoughts you need to be healthier and happier, she is the most motivating and positive person to have by your side – which is exactly where she is in person and by email and text message for the entire program.  I felt completely overwhelmed in all aspects of my life and within 6 short months completely in control, all without feeling like I had been instructed to do so.  Jess teaches you how to help yourself." - Hayley Purnell

Are you trying to discover your “why” in life? Let me help you. I’ve pooled all of my health coaching resources and education resources around finding your “why” and I am ready to help you find that magic moment - the one where everything clicks into place and your realise “why” you are on this planet! Let’s discover your “why” statement together. It really is magic! Suddenly your path makes sense, choices become easier, you can back yourself, listen to your instincts and intuition and know “why” you should or shouldn’t take the next step. We will also be able to work on “how” you are going to take this knowledge forward and find happiness and success.

How does it work?

  • Together we sit down and I get to know you.

  • I take all the notes and put events and emotions into the right categories.

  • We work together to agree on themes based on my 'outsider perspective'.

  • Then the magic happens as we create your 'why' statement.

  • It may take 1 hour, it could take 3! (so far all why's have been found within 3 hours)

  • Don't worry - we stop for breaks and seriously the time actually goes really fast...imagine...3 hours just to talk about yourself!

  • I listen, I observe, I understand. There is no judgement and it's all highly confidential.

  • It's AWESOME...and if we don't find your why in one session then we can meet up for another - but I haven't yet had a session where we haven't found a 'why'.

  • You leave on cloud 9...ready to conquer the world with passion, and fulfilment and an understanding of your life's purpose.

  • After we find your 'why', I love helping you start to figure out 'how' you are going to do this. Usually this takes time and may involve a few emails or calls later.

I literally LOVE helping people find their why! 

To see your eyes glow up, to see you understand what the heck you are here for. To now know 'why' you are doing what you are doing, and to have a reason is a priceless result.

If you would like to have a chat about finding your why please fill out this form and I can answer any questions you may have.

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If you want to do some reading up on Finding your 'why' then have a look at Simon Sinek's book called "Finding your Why"

or jump into You Tube and listen to his wonderful words.

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I am an experienced and trained Holistic Health and Wellness Coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. With a BCom in Human Resource Management.

I am an experienced and trained Holistic Health and Wellness Coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. With a BCom in Human Resource Management.

How much does a 'Find your why' session cost?

Fees are $100 p/h. Don't worry - I don't drag it out for 3 hours just because I want to be paid more. I freaking LOVE what I do, and want to get a result as soon as we can as well. So far all sessions have taken 3 hours, that just seems to be the magic time frame.

If you do it with your partner or a family member (at separate times) I offer a 5 % group discount.

Why should you choose me?

Trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Experienced in coaching hundreds of clients, I promise You will have my constant commitment and humble approach to making your life work for you, without judgement. I am endlessly passionate about my role and understand how daunting the whole process may seem. I promise you will feel relaxed the moment you walk through the door. I just want you to be happy in life!

Do not expect a list with rules on it!

Expect someone who will listen to everything that is happening in your world, and someone who can help you create lifestyle changes that suit your life.  Expect accountability for your decisions and support.  Through time, talking, listening and planning we will have you smiling from ear to ear, walking the walk you want to and talking the talk you love most.  

Let's find you the tools to live life the way you want to.

"Thanks for today, I always see the bright side of life after seeing you" - Hayley Purnell

"You are MY wonder woman, I owe it all to you" - Sophie Melville

"I feel honored to be working with you, I am so excited for my future again, thank you!" - Nadine Perry

"I completed a six month program with Jess a few months ago after approaching her because I felt exhausted, overweight and had a chronic sinus infection that was out of control.  I felt that whatever was fuelling my body could and should be better and more effective.  I had done a lot of internet research but I just could not find an answer…..turned out that there wasn’t just one simple answer, it was a combination of subtle changes to mind, body and soul that would give an end result that I have been so completely astounded and delighted with!" - Hayley

"Over the past couple of weeks I have become so much more conscious of what I am putting in my body and how it is making me feel. A few cheese and crackers with my parents.... Not a good tummy the next day:( I feel like Im finally able to know how to listen to what food is doing to my body and what it is my body needs! "- Alice Wilks

"I am amazed at how calm I feel, its quite surreal, believe me usually I'm not calm, I've stopped eating bread and pasta and I've quit sugar, no biscuits, chic, sweet drinks. I did go out for dinner last week and my friend cooked a beautiful meal, everything was full fat and made from scratch, nothing processed, it was delicious" - Stephanie Georgalli

"One of the main reasons I joined up was to see if changing my eating habits would help me with he horrid PMS I got. I would have tiredness, tears, and be the biggest b*tch known to mankind. I could only just function with work and had nothing left for any fitness. I have now taken myself off the pill and am looking at different options. This month, I didn’t even know I was in my cycle until I got cramps this morning!!!!! and the only thing I have changed in regards to this is my eating habits. Proof is here that what goes in controls how your body feels and reacts to itself when going through changes." - Tracey

"Just a quick message to say thank you so much for such a fantastic programme I have learnt so much and even though I thought I knew a lot (I had so much to learn) I think the greatest impact has been having the tools to implement change and being able to educate {my husband} on lots of things. We now eat as organically as possible which has probably been one of the biggest changes. I discovered though the food diary that I am allergic to egg (it wasn't my thyroid as I had thought for so long!). I will definitely recommend the programme to people. Keep up the awesome work and you are having such a positive impact on so many lives."  - Sarah Johnstone

Receive a FREE Mindchat Journal of your choice when you sign up for a Find your why session.

*I am not a counsellor, psychologist or GP - I am a qualified and experienced Health Coach. If you want to discuss your situation, please drop me a line, I am only too happy to recommend my fave professionals in certain locations if that is the next step you require. xx