Hi, I'm Jess. A Holistic Health + Mindset Coach from IIN, a Personal Trainer through Skills Active NZ and I have a wee certificate on my office wall claiming I scored myself a Bachelor of Commerce from Otago Uni. I'm a Mum of two glorious boys, wife, 'runner' of my dear dog, slight exercise, health and wellness addict, emotional anatomy nut, alternative health fanatic and hopefully a good friend to my friends!

Pretty much my entire life has been spent listening, supporting, motivating and inspiring others  - in their every day lives, their workplace, in my workplace, family, relationships, friendships, and my favourite - the random stranger in the lift or the public toilets who suddenly opens up and tells me their woes. I love it. I absolutely love that people feel safe in my presence to share what is going on with them, and have enough trust in me that I will be able to help them find their best self again.

Yeah perhaps I loved dealing with everyone else and their problems because I was hiding from my own...but that all changed when I suffered from a traumatic brain injury, that took a year to recover from. Let's just say, I had to face all of my demons as I recovered from my post concussion syndrome a.k.a the silent hell.

This accident caused me to slow down hugely, practice a heck load more mindfulness and gratitude and I feel gave me a second chance to live a life the way I really want to. In turn resulting in me being a better Mum, wife, friend, sister, daughter and general person to be with!

Don't get me wrong, I was LOVING being a Health coach and providing a safe space, programs and much more for my clients but I was rushing around like a bit of a headless chook. I needed to slow down. I needed some more Yin to my Yang!

In my experience as a coach (running coach, health coach, life coach, anxiety coach, PT coach, eat your vegetables and make your bed coach... all forms of coach!) I have found that a vast amount of my clients who come to me for a 'health overhaul' are suffering from low self esteem, anxiety, worry, sleep issues, lack of motivation, exhaustion and stress. These issues are referring pain, confusion and conflict into other areas of their lives e.g weight gain, headaches, insomnia, irrational moods, hormone disorders, relationship issues, allergies and a HUGE lack of self love and self kindness. 

So my job is to help you set goals, break them down into achievable steps, help you understand your body and your life, discover your options, set new habits, give you knowledge and tools to navigate your way through life in your best way possible.

I adore my work as a coach and love working with my clients to analyse their physical and emotional health and then help them establish a more balanced, rewarding approach to life.  

I also always wished I could offer more tools for my clients 'mind chatter' symptoms and struggles, so I developed an assortment of stationery, communication tools and natural products to help aid the challenges of life (Mindchat Journals, a recipe book 'Food for Humans' and my 'Jabber Magic' Game)

I combined the tools I developed, designed and created with many current products I already used and loved and BOOM Mindchat's online store was created. 

Our minds over think so often! They work 100 miles an hour faster than our bodies, causing anxiety, stress, overwhelm and sleeplessness. I decided to 'mash-up' everything I love and MINDCHAT came from it! I have this amazing job where I HELP PEOPLE OUT! It is so rewarding! It has been a long, hard road of work to get here - but I focused on my end goal and I made it (well...I've moved the bar again...but I keep getting closer, hehe)

We all need some accountability, or a place where there are some alternative answers to the overwhelming thoughts in our head. A safe space where someone will listen, let you be you, offer support when needed, but not make you follow any particular rules. Everyone is so different, and they deserve to be heard, supported, motivated and inspired to feel fulfilled in a manner that works for them!

Touch base if you want to know more. Let’s get you living your best life yet!

Do reach out, I would love to hear from you or work with you,

Be kind to yourself,

Jess xxx