Holy smoke. It is literally like a personality change. One minute they are off the planet, the next, a charming young lad!

I have witnessed in with both of my sons the insane personality, behavioural, and mind health changes based on their gut health.

Now, I am not going to sit here and type a blog about the intricate details of gut health. The words that confuse you, scare you and make you want to give up, are not going to help right now. I also know that those of you who are following me will be well aware of the importance of gut health on hmmmm..pretty much every part of our being.

So I just wanted to remind you of the importance of gut health and overall INNER health and how it affects everything that happens on the OUTER! As even the preacher like me drops the ball sometimes...

From Omega 3’s and Essential Fat’s that help with skin, eye sight, brain function, memory, hair, nails, cell renewal to probiotics, liver support and all kinds of tonics and herbs that help different people in different ways.

I will break this down as simply as I can and base it on my own ‘at home example’ but please remember that everyone is different and you should speak to a specialist to make sure any medicines (herbal or synthetic are correct for you or your loved one). 

Both of my kids had ‘end-of-year-itis’ and the wheels were falling off everywhere we went. From anger, hyper-activity, lethargy and just general selective hearing to anxiety, overwhelm, stress and panic, and what I like to call ‘being-a-dick’. I know a few adults who had this too ;-)

I turned myself into ‘operation-children’ and took a really close look at what was going in/on and around their bodies and minds. I have had a bundle of other parents ask me what I did, so in a briefly summarised version I have listed what I did below. If you need to chat further please do contact me


Okay yes sure they still had some tomato sauce, some store bought yogurt at times, and of course, they still had fruit. However, things like candy canes,lollies, chocolate, biscuits, sweets and treats (that all filter in toward the end of the year and christmas time) were blanket banned (this was great for the 'parentals' waist lines and behaviour as well!!)


Health 2000 in Wanaka have a variety of probiotics and will be only to happy to help you select the right one. All health food stores around the country should sell something, just ask for help. We went with the dairy free variety - I literally sprinkle it into their smoothies (banana, rice/oat milk, coconut yogurt, greens powder, a little pea protein powder and ice) and they can’t even taste it. BOOM, winning! (Nikki Sumner from Fusion Health, our Naturopath, also confirmed this was potentially one of the best snacks out for my kids)


Again, my naturopath recommended a 'Metagenics' liver support for one of my children, which has really helped his moods. I believe it has been a combination of things, but this aspect has certainly helped. Took a while for him to accept the taste, but once we talked about it and he felt a change in his mood, he was only too happy to take it. THEY WANT TO FEEL BETTER AND BE BETTER TOO - so there is no harm in discussing it!


I won’t divulge to much here as it is pretty self explanatory - feel free to touch base if you want to discuss this further. (yep - I have one who wont eat eggs or meat..making protein interesting, but we get there!)


I had our naturopath also make up a selection of herbs and turn this into a tonic for one of my sons, this again has helped immensely. I wont list the herbs as everyone is so different, so here it is really important you speak to your own naturopath or herbalist for this choice.  I am happy to delve further into different herbs and condiments as well, that may suit your own symptoms and situation.


Sleep drops and day time kids drops - I used these on the weeks when the children were struggling to get to sleep from the excitement that was growing for holidays, school camps, parties, shows and end of year fun! This just took the edge off the inability to drift off at night and helped keep them a little less anxious when they were about to perform, or needed to focus at points.


So many options out there, my favourite were ‘Balance’ blend, Lavender, Frankincense and ‘Motivate’ blend.


More eggs for the egg lover, more avocado for the other, olive oil drizzled on foods, bliss balls and slices made with coconut oil, coconut cream, coconut milk, lots and lots of nuts and seeds in little bags for the beach or atop food. It's funny how some of this goodness can just 'slip' out of their diets, I am focussed at staying on top of it even more at the moment! 


My kids are rarely allowed a ginger beer…the option for this was pulled immediately, along with lemonade icebox (I know, mean right…but a break was needed) ‘Juicies’ frozen ice blocks were our go to when in a rush - otherwise I blend all kinds of goodies up and freeze them.


Making them say ‘I’m bored’ gave me great joy - the best days come from being bored to begin with. With stress coming in from all angles of life, it is so important that kids (and adults) get their own down time and 'slow time'.


I didn’t pull it entirely, but I certainly pulled it a fair whack!


Lots of insanely overpoweringly smelled products were making their way into my house that kids were using in their hair and on their bodies for washing or colouring! I pulled this out and took everything back to basics, washing with more enviro and body friendly goods (remember, what you put ON your skin, also goes IN your skin)


Rather than writing it all down - we just shared what we were grateful for when we were thinking of it…seemed a little less structured, and worked just as well.

I also let immediate family, friends and most importantly my husband know what was going on! I DIDN’T tell them ‘these are the rules’. I just told them life was getting too overwhelming for all of us and that we were trying to pull it all back in, before things went crazy and someone hurt themselves or this all became too much of a habit.

Literally within 4 days I had new children. I was in tears I was so happy!

I was calmer, hubby was calmer, we were all just looking after ourselves better. We spoke about it and the kids agreed, they just felt better and wanted to stay on this track.

So perhaps - moving forward you might want to look at some of these ideas...and not just for kids, but for adults too!!! They all connect, they all make a difference, they all matter.

Little things like skin sensitivities, allergies, eczema, acne, behavioural issues, stress, anxiety, exhaustion, irritability and more are a direct result from the products that are going into and onto our bodies. Your environment and atmosphere doesn’t just mean, where you are sitting or standing, its also on a mindful level as well. So remember to think outside the box, think of everything that is going on. 

In the last 10 years I have managed to cure/alleviate my sons eczema, compulsive diarrhoea, dairy intolerance, gluten intolerance, vision issues, growing pains, headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, overwhelm and more through a holistic, overall health approach, without medicines and synthetic intervention. You really can do it too, if you want!! 

If you would like to book a session with me to discuss your own or small persons health, and wellness. Drop me a line! I can set you up for an initial consult and we can do a follow up. We can have a chat about what is going on for you and I can set you a plan in place and send you off to all my wonderful contacts if need be, for deeper further advice.

As a Health Coach - I help you understand your own situation, plan a path to solving your health and wellness problems, facilitate the happening of this and keep you accountable.

My goal is to inspire, support, motivate and offer my knowledge on nourishing yourself and your family holistically and completely. You deserve to all be your best!

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