My Facebook status gap keeps asking me:

Whats on your mind Jess? 

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- whats on my mind Facebook?

I will tell you whats on my mind - WAY TOO MUCH.

and everyone else has too much on their mind too, and its f*cking them up. 

If everyone could just slow down a little.

Stop . Breathe. Look up. Look around...and make their children do the same thing, then maybe some of this crazy anxiety that is taking over our systems would dissolve.

Yes, yes I know, life is busy - the boss needs something done, the family is coming over for dinner and you need the goods, Christmas stressors are coming, summer marathon training needs to be done in all that 'spare' time, the child needs to train for her cross country (again in 'spare' time), Uni exams are lurking, assessments are being filed, the end of year show needs to be sorted....AGHHHH!!! And we wonder why we are loosing our minds.

So - if we stopped (just for a second, well maybe 30), we inhaled and exhaled three times, we looked up, we looked around and we forced a smile, well maybe, just maybe, we’d be able to chill for bit. Our brain would calm down, sending signals to our hormones to calm down, sending signals to our appetites to settle at the correct pace, and our bodies would follow suit with less anxiety, and imagine...the worry would dissolve...because we could see the bigger picture, and we wouldn't be stressing about events that hadn't even occurred yet!

So many children cross my path - that are worried and anxious, and yep - usually their parents are worried and anxious too (yep that was me a lot, and still can be if I forget to use my 'anxiety tool belt') and it's so hard to watch.

I've studied human nature my whole life. It intrigues me. There are so many aspects of 'world' and 'self' that fall into play when it comes to anxiety, and as Facebook continues to ask me.. 

'whats on your mind Jess?'


We all know social media adds to anxiety...but does it begin even at our status bar?!

My goal in Mindchat is to support people with overwhelm, stress, anxiety...and all the other fun bits that come along with it!

I would love to see better support for the general populations anxiety. I'm one small fish, swimming in an ocean! The scale of anxiety is huge, and different people need different levels of support. There is a great resource called 'Anxiety trust New Zealand' ( who are I am sure doing a great job...but have you heard of them? Have you seen their resources being rolled out at schools? Found anything easily accessible for home? I think awareness is key here, and we need to start it YOUNG. There is only so much a small trust can do with their funds and resources. (don't worry, I'm not about to go on a voting rant)

My dream charity would be child focussed, it would SUPPORT teachers and parents around kids with anxiety. 

The reason I created Mindchat was help increase understanding and awareness around anxiety and for it to be more accepted, for more compassion and support to be given to those who suffer.

Not in the form of drugs. I am not talking a one stop shop at the doctor. Yes, of course there is a point where people may require medication, but what if we start at the babies and work our way up...start creating a society where the anxiety can dissolve somewhat.

I don't want money thrown at people - money doesn't help. Education around WHAT anxiety is, and WHY it happens, and then HOW to deal with it, would be of most benefit wouldn't it?

I want teachers to understand why kids get anxiety, and to be equipped with simple tools to help the kids when they need it, AND for the teachers to have access to the time required to help the children when needed. I know how hard our teachers work, and how under the pulse they are, they are stretched thin! Do they need more staff in schools who are there to focus on resilience, self esteem, feelings, acceptance, depression and anxiety?

If we can hit the kids young and help them, then maybe we can aid them with tools to understand their feelings so that when they reach ‘teenager land’ they may not find themselves falling into the deep dark hole of depression so easily….in turn, maybe we save some lives from suicide.

I'm passionate - Ill fight until I am blue in the face. BUT I need your help. Tell me what you think would help? what idea you have. No idea is stupid as far as I see, cos nothing much is happening right now!…so another idea is worth while. What would help. What is your personal experience.

After asking a few of my followers what they think, it is becoming a common agreement that classroom sizes are too big, children are expected to behave like adults (unrealistic expectations), gut health is an issue (we all know health of the mind and body starts in the gut) and that perhaps children are being put into daycare at too young of an age, that everyone needs more 'fun' in their days, more 'play' time (yep, you sure can play and learn) and that kids need to spend more time being 'bored' rather than rushed to and fro from extra curricular activities (imagine...parents could even have a cuppa at home! on the couch!)

Of course - everything is based on research, personal opinion and self experience, and opinions matter here. I want to hear what you have to say. Don't bag or troll on each other. This is for the good of the future generations! Fire away much of a small fish in a huge ocean scenario I have going on here - I am not worried. I've got the fire in my belly...what else can we start looking at?

Blame Facebook and it's 'prompt' for this passionate blog! Feels good to start the conversation again though. 

Hang in there team, if we are all committed to the cause, change will happen. 

P.s For today - a hug, and a big breath is a good start for any anxiety around you xxx

Imagine, being in control of your state of mind!

Imagine, being in control of your state of mind!