I find myself writing a lot of profiles lately. I love it. Any excuse to sit down and have a cuppa with someone. I find everyone interesting, everyone has a story - even if they don’t know it.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, I will just sit and listen and watch the passion in their eyes as they describe their ‘story’.

They start by telling me their background and how they ended up in the space where they are. Then the ‘real them’ comes out as they linger on the best part of their lives so far. Suddenly a little flame inside them ignites as they remember why they do what they do. 

It is so inspiring and humbling to be a part of. After a great chat and an understanding of their work and why they do what they do. I head back to my headquarters (a small office space where small children are NOT allowed - my little heaven) with my laptop and some good tunes.

Then I let my fingers do the work. It’s pretty simple really. I re-tell their story (the bits they are happy to share) and use the bits they maybe don’t want to share as my fuel. I love a good profile! I spend time tweaking and digging holes in my brain to find the best synonym to describe a person, a passion, a setting, an action, whatever it may be.

Then I send it off for interrogation by the lovely person I just sat across a table from. I feel humbled that people open up to me and share their lives and their dreams. I see that deep within they want to let it out, but often writing it is not their way of creating. If the challenge was to paint or draw a picture of themselves or their message, or if it was to embroider, craft, cut, dance, sing their way through they would nail it. I certainly wouldn’t (ha! but I guess that’s cool, because it keeps me in the job of content writing)

Usually the proof comes back with a few changes to be made, but the best part of my job is the message that comes back with it. People are astounded at how fucking awesome they sound! That people, is because YOU ALL ARE AWESOME, in your own special way!

Moral of this blog:

Don’t be so surprised at how epic you sound on paper!

Own your life. You created it, and yes, there are so many great parts to it. Sure each day isn’t sunshine and unicorns, but at the end of the story - your life has had its challenges and its ups and downs, but you have come out as you, and you are brilliant. In your own unique way. It's your story, your beast and your beauty in its finest. Celebrate it! We only have one chance.

One of my favourite quotes (that I have no idea who said, but it seems to be resonating with me a lot at the moment) is “you are the summation of your actions”. Meaning, it’s all the little things that add up to give you the end result. Sure - sometimes the little choices we make can be maybe not the best, but at the end of the day, things happen for a reason, and if we don’t learn the first or the second time or even the third time around, we usually do end up learning whatever it was the universe was trying to tell us.  Keep trucking, keep trying, hold your head up and focus on your goals. You can't get to the destination if you don't have one. Goals are a great way to mark your achievements...and then please remember to CELEBRATE  them when you reach them.

Too many of us achieve and then immediately worry about the next step. Take a moment to appreciate how far you have come, whatever that may be. It could be a tiny step in the scope of things, but it matters, and it's your story, another chapter. So celebrate your story!

I have NEVER, EVER met a person who didn’t have an unbelievable story to tell. Please remember this and remind yourself that you are worthy, you deserve respect and you should give it to yourself. When someone writes about you - own that sh*t! That’s your story. To all the incredible people I have been blessed to cross paths with in my life. Thank you for sharing your world with me and your stories, and allowing me to turn them into a readable format.

Keep ‘em coming. Alternatively...go write that book you always wanted to! (you can use a Mindchat journal to do the initial draft ;-)