I'll try to keep this brief. 

Don't hit the 'snooze' button if you want to OWN your day!

Morning motivation is crippling sometimes! Your body may hurt, it's raining outside, your bed is snuggly, the house is quiet, just 10 more minutes and I will get up...10 more minutes turns into 3 more whacks of the 'snooze' button and before you know it, you are running late!

How quickly things can go from awesome plan, to crying disaster mess!

How quickly things can go from awesome plan, to crying disaster mess!

I write this blog after a few people have asked me 'how can you get up so early?' stating that they 'just can't do it'. Truth be told - you CAN do it...you just need to find your why. Believe me - I don't WANT to get up early, some days I would LOVE to just lay in bed for much longer, or finish the epic dream I was in the middle of before my alarm clock rudely interrupted me.

The thing is I find that if I don't get up and get going, I struggle for the rest of the day and find myself chasing my tail, overthinking everything, being mean to myself (calling myself lazy for not getting up) and I generally just feel a bit on the back end of life.

I find when I do get up an hour or so before everyone else that I am able to OWN MY DAY and crank everything that I want out of it. I allow myself that meditative space to just be on my own with no interruptions. I don't actively 'meditate' (as in sit cross legged and breathe deeply) I prefer the mindfulness of breathing deeply as I drag my body in running shoes ;-) I do know a lot of great people who do meditate (cross legged and all) and that works wonders for them. I guess it's about taking control of your day, in your unique way.

There is something about waking up before the rest of the world. Especially in this little old town where I live. You feel like you own the place sometimes as there is no one interrupting you, emailing you, messaging you, or around! 

Watching the sun come up each day is priceless. Yes, it does mean I can't burn the candle at both ends, I do have to be heading off to sleep around 10pm, but that's okay! I'll sleep in a little on the weekends but generally find my body clock just does what it does and sticks to its natural rhythms anyway. (kind of annoying when you really want a sleep in!)

It's so important however, to also listen to your body. If you are exhausted, ill or overly tired as you jump into bed the night before, then don't set your alarm for so early, let yourself sleep for that morning. You can dominate the world when you are well rested and healthy. Make sure you don't try to do too much, or you will burn out. Early to bed = early to rise. If you try to do it all, then at some point the crash and burn effect will take hold!

So, this blog is not to TELL you that you must get up, it's more of a reminder to say when that alarm clock goes off - whatever time it may be - GET UP, GET AT IT, OWN YOUR DAY.

This morning I woke up without my alarm, the bed was so toasty and warm and the house was so quiet, I really wasn't excited to get up and drag what felt like lead weighted legs around the town. However, I held onto the feeling that I have at the end of my exercise or the high that sinks in at around 20 mins and I threw on my clothes, grabbed the dog and my headphones and JUST DID IT.

I witnessed, again, the most glorious of sunrises, I shuffled through all of the thoughts I had on my mind, I planned my day out in my head and organised myself. By the time I was home, and sweaty I was feeling in control of myself and the day ahead. My heart, lungs and body had enjoyed a great run and I felt ready to tackle the world.

With the dark arriving, and daylight savings coming to an end, sure it's dark out there, so often a head torch and a friend are requirements of early morning frolicks. Joining a gym, heading to a yoga class, choosing to jump in the pool and swim laps, or heading to your lounge or garage and utilising some of the amazing apps available for home workouts are also great options, to help you take control of yourself and your day!  However, I will also sometimes get up and crank out some uninterrupted work (one of the perks of being self employed is that I can work when I want) I'll even tidy the house, or catch up on washing and life admin, again, I just feel so much more in control of the day if I do this. Then I am able to go out when the sun is out and enjoy my exercise in daylight hours!

Own your day. DON'T HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON. Once you let that alarm clock rule your life, in a sense you start to give into everything else around you. You can start to feel trampled on in every area of your life. Before you know it your racing around after your children/spouse/pets/flatmates/colleagues/family and you haven't been able to sort yourself out.

This can lead us to a depressed space, and a space of overwhelm. The gloominess of not having taken control of your morning sets in.

The moral of my blog today is to share with those of you who think us morning people have a magic pill that motivates us - we don't! We just know what we need to do to try and take control of the day, and to put us in a better space. If I don't get up and exercise I start to suffer from anxiety and anger toward myself - it doesn't need to be an all out assault on my body, but some form of movement and I am generally just a better person.

Exercise is the most under utilised antidepressant. It's free, it's so good for so many reasons and you can do it at any time and at any pace and in any place! 

Own your day, don't hit snooze. Move your body, keep trucking along, and those endorphins will help you find a happier more enthusiastic space to live life from. 

You've got this x

Written by Jess Eastwood