Write, draw, design, create...what's all the fuss about? Does it really help?

Yes, it sure does. In fact I believe it to be the kind of stuff that will literally change your life. Writing and drawing is proven to be one of the best ways to grow personally. 

Aid Procrastination:

  • If you are procrastinator then journaling is a great way to get a handle on everything that is overwhelming you. There is so much 'Mindchat' going on in the head, we are juggling so many balls and thinking about so much at one time. It becomes overwhelming and our head starts to spin. If you can simply write it all down then you can start to prioritise and workout where to start making a dent.
  • Before going to bed why not try writing down the 'to-do's' that are on your mind for the next day, then underline the 3 top priority must-do's and let your brain relax, so you can get some sleep!

Be Here Now:

  • Being present can also be a huge key to happiness. That constant search for the next 'thing' that will make us happy but is always out of reach - means we are missing life in the here and now.
  • Why not try setting a timer at random times throughout the day, and when it goes off, write down everything that is 'worrying you' or that you are thinking about. If you start to notice some repeated thoughts you may be able to work out why. Keep that journal close by and turn that timer on. You can re-focus and bring your attention to the moment in front of you. Address what is happening right now and how it feels. If the same thought keeps popping up, then figure out why, and action it!


  • We are so surrounded with media telling us how we should look, feel, be, the toys we should have, the teeth we should have. Journaling helps you find gratitude in what you do have. Writing about the things that have gone well in your day, and the things you are appreciative of. It helps create a deeper sense of self awareness. This helps lead to fulfilment, contentment and complete happiness. Try writing down 3 things that you are grateful for at the end of the day, watch your mood change!

Heal Emotional Wounds:

  • Journaling or drawing may help to heal emotional wounds. If you identify something that you resent, something that is hurting you emotionally and filling your mind. Then take the time to write or draw about the memories or relationship that you are focusing on. You may be able to ask yourself what is still causing me sadness here? Explore the emotions and establish how you may feel if you no longer had it. 
  • You could then create a list of compassion, identifying the ways in which those you resent may be struggling or suffering, put yourself in their shoes. Draw yourself as them. You can then understand your own thoughts, values and feelings, and learn from them.

Channel Your Fears:

  • Journaling may help you to channel your fears in a safe environment. Too often anxiety, or even depression is brought about through fear of the unknown. If you can channel your thoughts and write or draw about them, you may be able to understand more about why you feel this way, and then you may be able to ask for help, or try to adjust the situation. You can move out of you comfort zone while you draw or write about the fear. You can explore it and how it makes you feel. This becomes therapeutic and beneficial as you have them written down you can now be objective of your thoughts and make more sense of them. Your thoughts now have light on them, and you may find the fears can dissipate.

Discover more about yourself:

  • Journaling lets thoughts, memories and hangups that are compartmentalised in the back of our minds, through to the forefront. This helps us to define and discover more about ourselves. We are in a calm, controlled setting and we can acknowledge our emotions as they arise. When journaling or drawing we can be completely honest with ourselves, and analyse our thoughts safely. Even if the thoughts are too dark and emotive, there are no restrictions in a journal. You will be able to illuminate the issues and find your reasons to live and slowly diminish the dark clouds that may be covering your life.

Go on, try it, I dare you

Written by Jess Eastwood